Meet Bart, Walter, Andi, Ben and Frans



On April 6th the five of us will do a trekking in the North-West of Nepal, close to the Tibet border. We do this trekking to support an organization HEAD Nepal, which is involved in helping blind and other handicapped children. Chhitup Lama, founder of HEAD Nepal, himself visually impaired, will be our guide during the trekking.

In 6 days we will trail in very primitive conditions through the Nyinba valley to the Buddhist monastery Raling Gompa at 3930m. From there we take the final challenge to walk up the Crystal Mountain reaching 5100m.



We ask for your support and donations to support the projects of HEAD Nepal

Himalayan Education and Development Nepal


The following video give a good view on the HEAD Nepal organization:


To erase any doubts

This complete trek and adventure are organized and self-funded by the five of us.  All the money raised will be handed over to the foundation to support their projects.


The planting of the seed



A Tai-chi teacher called Walter joins a Chi Neng® Qigong workshop given by Ben. Nothing out of the ordinary there, it was later whilst exchanging their life experiences, Walter told Ben of a trek he had done in Humla for his foundation Nepal Geeft!


The trip was to raise money and awareness for the Himalayan Education and Development Nepal organization, in short HEAD Nepal.


Ben was so impressed with this initiative that he kept asking Walter for more details and soon after the idea was born to together organize a similar trip again. Did Ben know of anybody who would like to combine a great tip to Nepal whilst doing something to help the foundation to support local people in Nepal?




Ben reached out to friends and before long the group of 5 stepped up to take on the challenge!


In preparation for that adventure we will be raising awareness and collecting donations through the foundation to raise funding to support HEAD Nepal to achieve their goals.


About the foundations


“Nepal Geeft” works closely with Head Nepal, jointly providing with this local organisation the best support possible for the people of Nepal. The projects are ‘small scale’ and locally managed but provide long term support for the future.


Scroll further down to see the initiatives for which we help raising awareness and funding with your help.


Nepal gives, perhaps the most valuable thing a person can receive 

Attention and Respect for life as it is!


This page is hosted on the website of Nepal Geeft, on the top menu you are able to find more information and links to the organisation and the projects. 

Additionally, we invite you to also have a look at the website of HEAD Nepal


Our challenge


Our aim is to combine a great experience in Nepal with ‘doing good’ for the local community.  On the one hand by simply organizing our trip with the help of local guides and porters, ensuring as much money as possible that we spend there is given to the local community.


Entering the Nyinba Valley is like stepping back in time where all the centuries old villages still follow the ancient Tibetan Buddhist traditions which are still an important part of daily life. There are no (touristic) facilities, so we will also sleep at the local people houses and have dinner with them.



In this very remote and very poor region, starting in the capital city Simikot, we will trek in 6 days through the Nyinba Valley to a Buddhist  monastery Raling Gompa at 3930 meter, where we will spent the night. From there we take the final challenge to reach the top of Crystal Mountain at 5100 meter.


Walter already walked this trail, for more information on his experience see here




You’re reading this because the key aim is to raise funding to help achieve our goal. We are starting several initiatives to raise money, and of course as a ‘simple ask’ to receive donations. We kicked off with a Singing Bowl concert on December 12th, and preparing more activities!


                  kick off Dec 12th: Singing Bowl concert 


Following further activities are planned, details to follow:

29-12 – Walking tour

13-01 – Walking tour followed by some drinks and food

03-02 – Sponsor day with several activities, details to follow

09-02 – Sponsor dinner Nepalese style.

In addition other activities are prepared, like another Signing bowl concert, spinning marathons, acrobatic shows and more.

We will update our page / blog as well as our Facebook page, so please come back regularly to get the latest updates.


HEAD Nepal projects


Next to the information you can find on the HEAD Nepal website, we would like to briefly inform you on the 2 main initiatives of this foundation, to better understand what our aim for the trekking and funding is.


In the 2 homes built by HEAD Nepal, there are over 45 children, most of them blind or visually impaired, but also other handicapped children. The children have a home and will receive extra education in order to be able to take part into the regular education programs in Nepal.


Children Healthcare report and recommendations


In September 2018 a doctor (Bram) and occupational therapist (Loes) visited the homes and have checked up all children on both physical and mental health. From their report, the following conclusion was provided:


It goes without saying that the facilities for the children of HEH and HVH are of high standards. The main focus of HEAD is education and hospitality. After screening all the children of HEH and HVH we think there is some room for improvement on the level revalidation and prevention. Especially with the start of HEH there is great need of occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Some of the children have conditions that can be treated or be trained to prevent it from getting worse. It is of high importance that one of the staff members (Baktha) will be trained to fulfill this position. This could be done by a


Mobile school


HEAD Nepal would like to operate the mobile school and benefit 228 children with disabilities in the remote mountain villages of two specific Rural Municipalities (RMs) Adanchuli and Tanjakot RMs of Humla district in Karnali province of northwestern Nepal.


The situation of children with disabilities in remote mountainous villages of Nepal is extremely difficult. Services for early detection and intervention are available only at distant centers which are completely beyond reach of poor families with such children. Since 2011 HEAD Nepal has promoted inclusive education for children with disabilities through operating mobile schools with literacy-based educational training at their home,
ultimately helping them integrate into the mainstream education system.


In this situation, a “Mobile School” is the best possible solution to target such children and to improve awareness on disability, social inclusion and access to education. The school  works via teachers who travel on horseback to the remote mountain villages with no road access, taking along teaching materials. They go door to door and provide 3-6 months of classes to children and their parents.


Links / references


How to donate


Bank transfer – Please write the description below to ensure the money will be provided to our project


IBAN: NL19 TRIO 0197 9254 80


Name: Stichting Nepal Geeft

City: Maastricht (NL)

Description: NEPAL_April_2019

(you are also more than welcome to make additional donations to support the organisation for future projects)


PayPal money pool – this will be transferred to Bart’s personal account, who will then transfer it to the foundation.

PayPal Nepal 2019




This is mainly the way we will use when doing initiatives, but of course you can always hand in money to either one of us, we will then ensure this will be put on the foundations bank account.


To erase any doubts


This complete trek and adventure are organized and self-funded by the five of us.  All the money raised will be handed over to the foundation to support their projects.